Seed Order and Garden Plots

I have made a significant dent in the daunting task of ordering this year’s seed.  I have put it off several times throughout the winter, primarily because we intend to expand our growing this year to include selling at farmer’s markets.  This requires quite a bit more planning, especially because I don’t want to over-order a significant amount and cut into my profit margin.

So far, everything does seem to be fine, but my concern is that seed companies may be overrun by procrastinators like me, especially in light of the current economic situation.  This had been in the back of my mind and then I read this post on Herrick Kimball’s blog – The Delibarate Agrarian.  He just reiterated what I had already feared, that it is likely we will see a surge in people trying to produce their own food in order to cut costs in tough economic times.

I witnessed the beginnings of this trend last year when our local community garden plots sold out for the first time in recent memory.  With open registration for plots beginning yesterday, I physically went to the office when they opened in order to add to my plot and make a move.  Our community gives priority registration to last year’s gardeners, but you are only guaranteed what you had last year – same number of plots in the same location.  I wanted to move closer to the watering station, be in the organic only section, and also add an additional plot.  I was the first one there yesterday morning, so I got what I wanted.  While there wasn’t a line out the door, there were a few people coming in behind me.  I expect things will again sell out like last year.

If you are waiting around to get started this year, don’t.  Get going today on your planning or you’ll be banging in the door of the ark when it starts to rain.

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