How to find cheap gas

Paramount to the agrarian lifestyle is frugality.  Avoid debt, don’t buy new when used will do, make what you can yourself.  In other words, be a good steward of your money.  This applies to gas as well.  But it doesn’t make a lot of sense to drive around town looking to save a nickel finding the cheapest gas since that in and of itself is using up gas.  That’s being penny wise but pound foolish.

That’s where Gas Buddy comes in (  I’ve noted Gas Buddy before on one of my other blogs.  It’s a great network of sites that can help you find the lowest gas prices in your local area without driving around wasting gas doing it. can help you find cheap gas prices in your city. It is a network of more than 181+ gas price information websites that help you find low gasoline prices. All web sites are operated by GasBuddy and has the most comprehensive listings of gas prices anywhere.

Gasoline prices change frequently and may vary by as much as 20 percent within only a few blocks. It’s important to be able find the service station with the lowest priced fuel. GasBuddy web sites allow motorists to share information about low priced fuel with others as well as target the lowest priced stations to save money when filling up at the pumps!

Since I wrote about Gas Buddy, they have added Gas Buddy Mobile.  This is a great tool!  If you are like me, you don’t really think about checking gas prices online before you go somewhere.  I tend to think about gas prices when I am already in the car and looking at the fuel gauge.  Now you can check local gas prices on your mobile phone using either a mobile web browser, text message, or email.  I have added this to my favorites and use it often.  (If you are an iPhone user, they have an app for that as well.)

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