A Major Loss

If you read agrarian blogs at all, no doubt you are familiar with Herrick Kimball.  For the past few years, Herrick has published a blog called “The Deliberate Agrarian.”

On April 2, Herrick posted that he will no longer be updating his blog.  This is a big loss for me, and no doubt for many others like me.  I thoroughly enjoyed Herrick’s blog.  He is an excellent writer, but an even better story-teller.  His essays would teach and entertain, and would provoke one to ponder many things – economics, theology, faith, and life.

I had suspected for some time that Herrick would draw things to a close.  Over the past year, he had posted a few times that he was taking a break from blogging.  This is quite understandable as there are other things that take precedence, such as raising a family, tending your land, and work.

If you enjoyed Herrick’s blog and have not purchased his book, “Writings of a Deliberate Agrarian” I would strongly suggest that you do.  You can buy it from Amazon, and other places, but why not buy it directly from the author.  Herrick signs every book (at least he used to), and frankly I felt more connected to the man by contacting him directly for my purchase.  When I bought and read the book, I enjoyed it so much that I returned to buy more copies to loan out to friends.  It says a lot about a book when you have trouble getting those copies back.

I have most of his other books as well.  Check out his Whizbang Books site for his other books.  I definitely recommend the Whizbang Garden Cart plan book.  Not everyone needs a chicken plucker or wants to grow garlic, but EVERYONE can use a Whizbang Garden Cart.

Herrick, I want you to know that I have been richly blessed by your blog and I will miss your regular updates and essays.  I enjoyed your real-world wisdom and your homespun humor.  I learned a lot about you, about faith and agrarianism, and I also learned much about myself.  My heartfelt thanks to you for taking the time to share a slice of your life with so many of us.  May God richly bless you and your family as you continue on your agrarian journey.

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