Weather set-backs, and other updates

The crazy weather has been frustrating this year.  We went from working outside in short sleeves, to 4 inches of snow, to just plain cold and wet.  I have been trying to get some outside projects done and some planting started, but weather and available time have not been too cooperative.

Last weekend, I managed to complete a new planter for my strawberries.  The planter (I’ll post photos soon) is a design I had been wanting to try for some time.  It is essentially a pyramid shaped planter.  I had seen it in a book I checked out from my local library a year ago called Classic Garden Structures : 18 Elegant Projects to Enhance Your Garden.  (There are a lot of great projects in this book, by the way.  I highly recommend it.  Check your library if you are frugal like me, or get it from  The basic design was also in a newsletter from  (You can view the planter and project here.)  The root stock for my strawberries is waiting patiently (I hope) to be planted.  Hopefully I will have some cooperative weather.

Last night I planted rootstock for raspberries.  I am hoping these will take and do well.  I had planned on getting raspberries the last two seasons, but somehow never got around to it.  This year we are starting with 1 year canes.

Seed starting has been a little slow this year as well.  But with planting time right around the corner, I feel I had better get cracking!  Weather permiting, we will be able to access the first of our garden plots April 15th so I expect to begin direct seeding soon as well.

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