I am currently a resident of suburban Chicago with an eclectic career path.  As time goes on, I am looking for the right homestead in the right place for the right price.  When our family finds it, we will know it is right.  Until that point, we are trying to live the agrarian lifestyle where we are.

We grow what we can, when we can.  If we can’t grow it, we try to buy local.  If not local, organic.  My vehicle runs on renewable fuel – ethanol – grown and manufactured not only in the U.S., but locally.  I take public transportation when I can (it used to be everyday, but my office has moved to an inconvenient location).  We are looking at raising a small backyard flock for our own eggs.  From there, I expect to raise some meat birds as well.

It is my belief that the agrarian lifestyle can be followed where you live – today.  It is incredibly easy to sit back and read books about agrarianism, then dream of the day that you will take the leap and move to your perfect (and paid for) homestead.  But you don’t have to wait until that day.  Start now, right where you are.