If you are anything like me, you have aspirations of moving to fully sustainable living on your homestead.  Perhaps you are there already.  As I have written elsewhere, even if you are not at that point, you don’t need to wait to begin adjusting your lifestyle appropriately.  You can start today with adjusting your financial decisions, changing what you eat (and where you get it), growing and storing more of your own food, and countless other ways.

There are some very good resources on the Internet to give you some ideas to assist in your transition (or if you are already living sustainably, you might also find some new ideas).

Get Rich Slowly – a blog by J.D. Roth, noted by Money Magazine as most inspiring money blog, is a blog that I read regularly.  With lots of ideas about frugal living, Mr. Roth also has a great article titled An Introduction to Homesteading.  He has some great ideas you can implement.

Homesteading isn’t something that can be done only in rural areas; even urban dwellers can benefit from simple self-sufficient activities:

  • Buy food stuff in bulk or on sale and preserve them by canning, freezing or drying.
  • Purchase a layer (standard-size chicken or bantam) for eggs and/or meat. Many cities allow you to have a chicken or two.
  • Container garden and create a neighborhood co-op, bartering different vegetables with one another.

The Modern Homestead – a blog by Harvey Ussery.  Excellent articles on homesteading!